Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Owns My Town Or Village's Domain?

    You do. Although your new town website will be hosted on JB Towns' secure servers, you own your website's domain and your website content.
  • How Long Will My New Website Take To Build?

    Once we've received a signed contract, we'll schedule your first meeting with our Project Management team. Assuming we receive all deliverables (logo, content, images, etc...) your new website will launch in approximately 45 days.
  • Do You Offer Website Support?

    Yes, we do. Please call us 715-830-9375.

    Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) on Monday through Friday. If you call our office during this time, a human will answer the phone. For emergency support, we are available 24/7. Support emails are typically answered on the same day during our office hours.
  • Do You Build Websites For Businesses Other Than Towns?

    Yes, we do.

    JB Systems has been building custom websites since 2003. Whether you're a start-up, an enterprise-level business, a bank or financial institution, or require a cloud-based software application, JB Systems has you covered. For more information or to request a quote on a custom project, please contact us here.
  • Do You Offer Email Support?

    Currently, no....but we're in the process of working with one of our trusted vendors to make this service available for towns at an additional fee. Watch for an announcement in our upcoming e-newsletter, we'll let you know when the service is available.
  • Do You Offer IT Services and/or Hardware Support?

    We do not. We're great at building websites but do not service or support the hardware you need to use them. If you'd like, we're happy to refer you to one of our trusted IT vendors for service and support.
  • How Long Is My Contract With Your Company?

    Our hosting contracts are for 36 months. At the conclusion of your contract, you'll have the opportunity to choose a new website design at no cost if you continue to partner with us and sign another 36 month contract.
  • What Security Measures Are In Place For My Town Website?

    Learn more about the security measures in place for your town website with JB Towns here.
  • Can I Customize The Layout Of My Town Website?

    Yes, in a sense. Once you select a design template, you're able to change your website's color palette and utilize a logo, if you choose to. You are also able to change most images and text.

    Our templates are not customizable, meaning that layouts themselves are not able to be changed. For example, you cannot change the size of your homepage banner by making it smaller or larger. You can, however, change the photo in banner, as referenced above.