Free Version Upgrades & New Website Designs

Free Version Releases

A key reason for JB Systems' success over the years is our willingness to listen, provide suggestions and partner with clients in making enhancements and improvements to our projects. This isn't only in our initial planning stages but after we've launched a website and it's been "extensively user-tested."

JB Towns follows this same approach and philosophy. Throughout each year, we make arrangements for development aimed at improving and simplifying the user experience of our town websites. Often times this development is in response to the comments and suggestions we receive from the town officials that use our product.

As we complete these enhancements, we will notify you of their completion and communicate their date of deployment. These are free version releases and you will not incur any additional costs for their development.

New Website Designs With Renewed Hosting

When considering all factors, the average lifespan of a website design is about three years. That also happens to be the length of our hosting contracts for town websites. So that got us thinking...

When your three year hosting contract ends with JB Towns, you’ll be able to choose 
a new design for your town’s website at 
NO ADDITIONAL COST when signing your next hosting contract with us.

You'll get a fresh, new website design with the same administrative tools you're already accustomed to using. There's nothing additional to learn and no training required.