How We Build Town & Municipality Websites

As a Wisconsin town clerk or official, building your website with JB Towns is as easy as 1-2-3...4! We've outlined our website build process below. All-in-all, we typically finish a town or municipality website in about 45 days time from our meeting in Stage 1 to your website launch in Step 4.


Stage 1:
Choose Your Package

Select from either our Bronze, Silver Or Gold Packages. Once you've chosen a package, a meeting will be scheduled with the JB Towns Creative Team to begin your website project.


Stage 2:
Select Your Design

When meeting with JB Towns, you will be presented with design options for your town website. After you've selected a design, our team will coordinate receiving the following deliverables from you:

1. Your Town Logo
2. Website Content
3. Choice of Preferred Website Colors


Stage 3:
We Build Your Website

JB Towns will build your town website, implementing the design you've selected and the content management system applicable to the Bronze, Silver or Gold package you've selected.


Stage 4:
Website Launch

JB Towns will prepare your project for launch, putting the finishing touches on your website. We'll use our 40 item checklist to ensure a successful launch of your project. After your website is launched, the support team at JB Systems is available to answer any questions you have.