Why Build A Town Website with JB Towns

JB Towns, a division of JB Systems, builds great looking, easy-to-use, secure websites. Our town website packages are full of the functionality and options Wisconsin town clerks and officials have always wanted. We're located in your backyard, downtown Eau Claire, in the heart of Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley. All of our website projects are backed by our Wisconsin support and development team.

  • 50+ years of collective industry & professional leadership experience.
  • Over 500 custom-built projects by JB Systems since 2001.
  • 97% client retention rate.
  • Secure websites, created on a custom-built platform, exclusively for Wisconsin towns.
  • Included accessibility tools to increase compliance with WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA & Section 508 requirements.
  • All website support is provided by our local, Eau-Claire based team of 15+ designers and developers.
  • Our clients own their domain and their content.
  • Referral program for towns to earn free hosting.
  • Free version upgrades and new website designs.